Monthly Archives: August 2004

That was the slowest first week of school, ever.

And my laptop still hasn’t come in because my principal hasn’t even
ordered it. Apparently, he was waiting for the other slow-ass people to
get their stupid 20% or whatever of the total price in to make the bulk
order or something. Ticks me off. I paid it all the first day the principle asked to pay.  I actually did as asked.

Honestly, why is no one diligent enough to be on time and not late and
stupid, thus, delaying things? It’s irritating.

But enough complaining.

I’m taking two science classes this year. The only Junior girl to be
doing so. It’s not hard though. In fact, Anatomy and Physiology 
is quite interesting and simple. Just memorization, basically. (I mean,
I got 94% on a quiz just after studying the 100+ terms and whatnot off
of flashcards for 2 hours total flashcards?!) English is good, our English teacher
is great, as are all the others. With the exception of Mr. Flegel who’s
a nut. But that’s fine cos we all love him anyways…With the exception
of myself…and Vitaly. lol. I’ll never understand why Vit hangs with
me…or more…let’s me hang with him? I prefer to pretend I’m a total loser so as to psych myself into believing I
am one so as not to be shocked when I’m told I really am.

Ah well. Today, I went to a funeral in Chattanooga.
Wh00t. Open casket. Nothing like looking at a dead person with pasty
makeup…Not to be disrespectful. But Moms let me drive most of the way
home cos she was tired, though
she woke up quickly when I nearly rear-ended a fat-ass Cadillac. But
all in all, at least I got to be surrounded by fellow black folk (at
the funeral) instead of the normal…er… predominately white-ish
environment…That is to say Brentwood…or perhaps most of Williamson
Country period. Why the lack in diversity?

I was s’posed to go to the BHS vs. FRS game last
night, but ehh…other stuff ensued. And I don’t know if Chris called
me or not…cell is jacked.

BeSiDeS aLl ThAt, <– (why do people type like that, anyways?)
Nothing’s gone down in my jizzouse. I have horrible allergies and seem
to have misplaced my Claritin D. ergh.

*hawk* Obviously, being a girl does not limit me from being as vulgar as possible.

I’m gonna go blow my nasal into my digitals and wipe them across my
acromial. Then wash hands, pick my nasal and place the treasure into my



Watch it. Love it. And under all circumstances DO NOT DISRESPECT. THE BRENDAN LEONARD SHOW.

Gosh darn it.

Homestar Runner is great. I wish I hadn’t been so oblivious to its existence before.


I love my new layout too. Seriously.

Black and white and grey are superb color combinations.


And Strong Bad is my favorite.


That’s all for now.



What a great week I’m having.

Florida was great, but now. Whew. What good times.

I got a mock-PDA today. It’s great. 8MB and even came with the USB PC cable. Or is that just standard? lol. Whatever. lol.

My dad’s ordering my new laptop the 15th epps! I can’t wait. It’s a Toshiba and I’m paying to upgrade it from 256MB to 512MB hehe. AND It’s a 2.8GHz. lol. I went to check it out at Best Buy heh. I’m in love. Hopefully I’ll get the XP Pro but whatever, I’ll be satisfied with XP Home. Heck, I’ll be satisfied regardless. Finally, a decent laptop! lol.

Well. I must be going, I’m formatting stuff on the home PC. -_- Blegh.


P.S Hewlett-Packards are overrated. Bah.