What a great week I’m having.

Florida was great, but now. Whew. What good times.

I got a mock-PDA today. It’s great. 8MB and even came with the USB PC cable. Or is that just standard? lol. Whatever. lol.

My dad’s ordering my new laptop the 15th epps! I can’t wait. It’s a Toshiba and I’m paying to upgrade it from 256MB to 512MB hehe. AND It’s a 2.8GHz. lol. I went to check it out at Best Buy heh. I’m in love. Hopefully I’ll get the XP Pro but whatever, I’ll be satisfied with XP Home. Heck, I’ll be satisfied regardless. Finally, a decent laptop! lol.

Well. I must be going, I’m formatting stuff on the home PC. -_- Blegh.


P.S Hewlett-Packards are overrated. Bah.

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