Monthly Archives: September 2004

Yes. I prolly should be doing school work now though instead I’m posting a xanga site? lol. I am a loser.

Nothing to say. I’m procrastinating. *yawn*




hehe (*laughs menacingly) I’ve tampered with my profile picture.

So. Last night, went to the movies at thoroughbred or however you spell it and saw Bourne Supremacy with Katie, Vitaly, Sondra, and Alex. Though Trey couldn’t make it after walking three miles when his car broke down…

But it was still a great movie. Talked to Chris who was working there (both times though I didn’t see him doing anything but walking around) but is planning to leave some time as he gets paid jack.

Then Ally and her crazy crew come out of no where and Sondra and I get briefed on how penguins fly just when we’re not lookign and how raisins drink tea behind our backs….

It was about 10 something when Ben and Randall go flying by going somewheres…and then I went home. I’m tired now and am a little jumpy…


Aight. So Chris, Ben W, Katie, and me, were spewing out these lyrics like ballers, and this is the product so far. Ya kno. Fa sho.  



SoupCan, Dubz, Vhawk, and KB

Explicit content


I left once but now I’m back

Get ready for some rhymes that’ll give you a heart attack

Aw shoot lilce lil wezee im bout to bring it back

Ewe, ewe (sample) to the bottom to the map

Oh shoot I had to bring the remix

I got 1 whip and 1,000 fuckin kicks

So did down and listen to some good shit

Writing freestyles in this trick

You know who you wit

Its Dubz, V, and C in the mix,

This trick has been ripped, the rhyme has been laid,

Dubz serve up these hoes and misinformed lames

First off you niggas some weak ass hoes

You run round wearin your girls’ panty hose

Homo  niggas open up the back door

Fuck you bitch Vhawk give em more.

1, 2, 3, and to the 4, C-money, Vhawk and B-dubz at the door

Bout to drop these rhymes that’ll make you hit the floor

Reppin MA for 2004, dropping you for fun you don’t wanna know drama

I’ll send your lil bitch ass cryin to your momma

Chris drop those rhymes while I get my gun

Cdin on the beat again

U know whats happenin

Go get them guns son

Hey you don’t want none

And I’m not done spraying bullets that weigh a ton in your mutherfuckin heart

Now Katie’s bout to get on the mic

Give you a taste of her sweet tart

My sweet taste, you know, just because

I’m not your rate

Doesn’t mean I can’t rhyme

Katies a dime, I spit this B-Wood shit all the time

Maintain your frame of mind

I’m sayin this shit one time

We at the Greek fest

Im strapped I got my vest

Eating Greek food

I’m ina good mood

Piss me off slim

I’ll make your eyesight dim

I’m getting sick of spittin this shit ridiculous

Whos on the mic next it doesn’t fuckin matter

I’m the real shit

But others just a pinch hitter

Droppin rhymes like they hot

Ya’ll aint shoulda neva forgot

Im the most impeccable emcee this rap game’s got

This Greek beat’s got me goin some gyros keeping me fed like fuck

Cdin can’t get this Greek dance, he’s just tryin to keep up.

You don’t want no problem like lil Scrappy

Got you niggas feelin crappy

White boys tryin to move to the beat

But they cant even move their damn feet

Still tryin to get into Sam’s Club

But they let me in the Irish Pub?

I’m in the game, coach, I feel like Rafael

Ima livin hell

I’ll take em like this kid

This gon get you pissed

Double C Noodle get on this track will you

Aw naw its about to go down

Once again C Noodle I’m doing this for N town

Point blank game over

Stolen spokes now I’m about to put em on my stolen Range Rover

And it’s about that time to go down town You know how we do at the clubs willin out

Katie get on this track give em more shit to talk about.



An that’s all we have so far…heh. More to add on Renaissance Later!!!

ya know what they say: life’s a bowl of candy. you can have one.

coerced, I am retreating to a church retreat.

don’t know if I shall be back tonight or if I am staying in a hotel for the duration of this damned event.





and i actually have hw to pose as a decent excuse for not going! 

parents just never learn.

and this time, my mom won’t let me drive.

damn it all. lol