My, my.

Has  it been over a month since I last updated
here? All the work! The WORK! You look at my planner and see what I am
talking about. I’m not saying that it is impossible, but it can be a
tiny bit time-consuming.

In case I haven’t mentioned all my classes once, I shall again: 

1st/2nd period (block) – English or American History
3rd period – “so-called” Study Hall (too short – 50 min?!)
4th period – Forensic Science (yeah, 50 page reports
every 6-weeks period is simpler than initially believed. Great class.
Where else can you watch CSI and Cold Case for fun while eating pizza
and chocolate cookies?!)
5th period – Lunch (this doesn’t count I guess)
6th period- Math Logic/Statistics/Reasoning
7th period – Anatomy and Physiology (again, too short. This class is da-bomb-diggity)
8th period – Food and Culture (ehh…) or Psychology (now THIS is a fun class. P.R.O.P.S to Ms. S-W)
And add having Brandon Howard (back at M.A … lol) to physically harass you whilst being in some of your classes… man.
But on the whole, the last few weeks have been packed with…crap. For
someone who can’t drive herself anywhere (until I get my damn license
12.22.04) I don’t have a COMPLETELY lacking social life. Concert Sunday
with the notorious BCC. I can’t wait. Got free admission to tha Frisk!
That is, the Frist Center.
Sunday school preceding of course with a rousing hw assignment I haven’t started yet.
Tomorrow’s the Fall Fest and all should attend. More money for the Basketball team which I am not playing on anymore. lol.
Wow. 9 am – 5 pm. I’ll be sicker of my school than I am now. 
And to conclude, saw Tiffany and Hannah at school. Then I saw Josh and
Kevin at Kroger. Well, more, they saw me and decided
a spring attack might be funny. all the things that can happen at your
local kroger. even little korean women who harrass people who don’t
want to give them  money.
Long weekend ahead. Must get to sleep or something.

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