Monthly Archives: November 2004

This song I am listening to seems to have a very melancholic tone.

Why is it that songs can influence our moods so much? A pretty bone-headed question, I guess.

I miss being younger. As hackneyed and wistful a thought as that is, I do.

I miss being in the 7th grade, the 4th and 5th grade. All those years
of being as unconsumed with life outside my limited world.

I wasn’t encumbered in any way or form, not even remotely compared to how I am now.

I miss not having to worry so much.

I hate my facial profile. AND I HATE COMPLAINING (which is a hypocritic statement)

I think I am on the verge of caring more about someone than I should.

And they might never reciprocate.

Too much.

Am I pathetic or what?



Note to self:  If ever in the future am in four Drivers Ed class sessions with ludicrously stupid people …

Then I should reconsider returning after the first class. 

I think this picture is perfect.

Went to Brandon’s tonight. Good times, I tell ya. Good times. Vitaly
had to play his damn porno game and Brandon subjected me to about half
an hour of Pipe Dream and Tetris (which he sucks at) on his old PC.

We drank a whole 2 liter thing of coke within two hours in addition to
hamburgers, lays chips, and some popcorn. Watched School of Rock and
then Brandon and I played some Hit and Run on my PS2.

Gotta go to church tomorrow and repent for all the ungodly deeds I’ve
done this evening. Driving school is getting on my nerves. But at least
I have Tim and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (however you spell his name)

“I love life…Everyone should ’cause it’s their only one.”


The first five weeks of any six week period <i>always</i> seems much more lax.

Honestly, I have completed and turned in about 7 essays plus a
ludicrously time-consuming project (for a class that is ludicrously
time-consuming and irritating), plus a crazy pile of papers for math
class (which I apparently hadn’t “turned in”  since I am always
“losing things”) to keep my average higher than that blasted 84. Not to
mention, study for three diagrams (labeling) in one of my science
classes and compiling my entire fifty page report (as I’ve completed
thus far) for my second science while also helping OTHERS!

I don’t understand why people ask for my help on homework and studying.
Not everyone, but some. This is not meant to sound like boasting. I’m
more frustrated at it all. 

Driving school today from 9am-4pm then Brandon’s house with Vitaly.
Dunno what’s going to happen but allegedly, Brandon’s got a colossal TV
that Vitaly and I are going to play PS2 on (provided I bring it, of
course, Vitaly’s is broken (again) and Brandon doesn’t have one). We
might order pizza. That stuff. Whatever.

I’m very tired now and <i> should</i> be sleeping, but it
seems that being deprived of decent slumber time has gotten me
accustomed to what? NOT sleeping. So, so I can’t got back to sleep as
my body is on a schedule of waking up as early as possible and going to
bed as late as possible (<i>that</i> would be how I am
during the school week.


Heyyy Potsyyyy

check it! i re-did the layout!!! html genius, no?



Oh, and now I’m 17 (officially this last Wednesday)

Got mah (mm-a-ah)  Birkenstocks as one of my gifts. Yes, yes, the  common  cloggers.

Brown nubuck.  Very comfortable and cool. But then, for 110 bucks they damn well better be good.

(but then, I didn’t pay for em…heh)

And Seiko watches are NOT overrated.

Get one! They’re off da rizzle! 

I love Japanese merchandise.