This song I am listening to seems to have a very melancholic tone.

Why is it that songs can influence our moods so much? A pretty bone-headed question, I guess.

I miss being younger. As hackneyed and wistful a thought as that is, I do.

I miss being in the 7th grade, the 4th and 5th grade. All those years
of being as unconsumed with life outside my limited world.

I wasn’t encumbered in any way or form, not even remotely compared to how I am now.

I miss not having to worry so much.

I hate my facial profile. AND I HATE COMPLAINING (which is a hypocritic statement)

I think I am on the verge of caring more about someone than I should.

And they might never reciprocate.

Too much.

Am I pathetic or what?


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