Monthly Archives: December 2004

Well, Christmas 2k4 was great. Hope everyone’s went swimmingly as well?? hmm??

The gifts this year were superb… nearly topping Christmas 2k3 and 2k2…

2k2 highlights:

harry potter and the chamber of secrets game
kingdom hearts game
final fantasy x game

2k3 highlights

seiko watch (if you don’t already know…they’re a little expensive …hah)
bend it like beckham soundtrack (love indian music)

also, for my 17th i got the very nice birkenstock shoes and innumerable dvds

great times.

this year’s Christmas i received

a new cleaning kit for my birkenstocks, an italian scarf, a roxy hat,
Sims 2, nine west socks, birkenstock socks, toe socks from my sister, a
cd case, laptop screen cleaner (lol), and some other stuff and money.

i’m considering buying that THe North Face fleece at Blue Ridge Mountain Sports or R.E.I. depending on where it’s cheaper at…

Anyways, rather unfull house no family came this year…(peace!) but
we’re going to visit with family friends wednesday… I’m pretty sure
this entry’s reiterating some things from a previous one but whatever.

just been informed that my sister and I will be participating in the
after christmas sales tomorrow. hehe. At The Body Shop or somewhere…



My, my. This shall be a rather lengthy entry as today was very long….

Actually, nevermind, I’ll just give a very condensed brief…if that makes sense…

ahem. Right, so this morning I’m awake at 7. Go do some more friggin xmas shopping for dad, jennifer, and mom at a variety of places… walmart, target, and sports academy, and borders…. Run out of money…except for $1.70 which I then invest in some jolly ranchers and a rubber breast cancer awareness bracelet. By then it was about 10:30.

Then rush home to have a full mug of dad’s own coffee (my dad…) and a pb’n’j sandwich with surprisingly tasty chunky peanut butter.

Then, grab the utensils and what have you for a Food and Culture project…cooking show! Then hurry over to Vitaly’s to film…. We’d decided to make a french dish: chocolate mousse cake. My arrival time at his place was about noon…

Note that this entry is 9:36 P.M. Reason being because I just returned from his house. -_-

never will I utter the words “chocolate mousse cake” or “gateau mousse au chocolat” with fondness again. never

9 hours of cooking and filming and cursing our infuriating Food and Culture class… And I was the main cook on screen.. -_-

9 hours.
9 hours.
9 hours.

I ought to send a thank you/condolence (if you can mix the two…hah) card to his family for Vitaly and my mishaps and dilatoriness…sorta…we didn’t really procrastinate…we’re just idiots. at least I am. It was a good time, though.

Now I’m home. Celebrating xmas early tomorrow so I guess this is technically xmas eve…

be good, ya’ll!

Well, let’s recall some of the past days or so…

Wednesday (at
least…Wednesday night) was HELL. I had a Forensics report to finish,
not to mention, deal with the anxiety over the Anatomy and Physiology
labeling exam which I was going to be given back…graded and all…
Plus, I didn’t feel too good at home. And my USB/Flash memory stick was
being an effing pansy and my sister was being an idiot…and you get

got a little better. I finished the effing Forensics report and then
was called over to Ms. Brooks for a Student Council meeting/dinner
which I am NOT apart of. Allegedly, I was needed to capture some
pivotal moments in the S.C meeting… Ja. But thanks to a lack of
preparation (that is, Ms. Brooks only telling me about bringing my
beloved camera that very day at school) I didn’t get the chance to pick
it up from home as my parents were elsewhere and I…*cringe* STILL do
not have my license.

Anyways, long story short, my week
concluded surprisingly swimmingly. I turned the report in…had some
grub at the Brooks’ and Friday went to school for a couple hours, got
some gifts, gave some gifts, watched X-men (the first one) and then
that night chilled with the Russian at Thoroughbred to see A Series of
Unfortunate Events and T.G.I.F. for more eating. Good times. Good
times. As for the remainder of my X-mas holiday I’ll be here. No NYC
thanks to the Penn (Hotel Pennsylvania) not having any vacancies (what
could we have expected?) and my parents are not exactly impartial
when it comes to choosing a place of lodging for vacations/brief
It also doesn’t help that my mom hasn’t been in touch with relatives on
Long Island in…oh, about two years.  Damn.

But we might go to Waverly, TN to visit some other family friends and their new adopted baby girl from China! Yes!


think it is actually going to snow some here. The sky is white and it
is effing cold outside. I just hope it sticks. Remember: It’s always
good to have a great Christmas, but to have a great white Christmas is glori ious!!!!
Keep yer fingers crossed, eh?


Well, I like this layout. Especially the Vasarely background.


Familiar with the art work of the guy?

It’s insane!

Ah. Yes.

And I still charge Josh n Eric with being in money debt…

Although Josh did get me a good Secret Santa gift at school.

Nothing beats a giftcard to Borders. YES!

So I guess i’ll waive that charge for him. ^_~

Eric needs to give me my $1.50 … 

Happy Holidays, kids.


And some pictures from school!


The Russian

Josh and Eric

A chair at Homecoming

and John

And you thought your school was special.

Well. What a week!


Finished my 50 page report for Forensics….

Might I boast that my page count exceeded the minium of 50 pages, though?!?

I damn well will.

Oh, and Josh you owe me 1 buck

And Eric (even though you don’t update anymore…) you best be givin me my goddang $1.50

I seriously charge 100% interest. Eric owes me about 6 dollars now.

And tommorrow might just be 12 ….


Oh gosh, Brandon invited me and the Russian over to hang out again…sometime this weekend. He said tomorrow in full knowledge that he’ll either be in VA with his dad or in Clarksville for a basketball game (lol).

Crazy ass kids.

Went to the Brooks house tonight. Shared many laughs and good hot tasty food. Homemade Chocolate chip cookies, dinner rolls, chicken, rib…

dang. What a feast. Good thing I hadn’t eated much.

I think I’m going to redo my xanga layout again. Everytime I see purple I’m reminded of tinky winky and gaiety then i’m reminded of mr. gromm…

good god.


Good day. I must say. Concert this evening. Closed out the semester for the winter at Blair at VU.

Homecoming was tonight

MA of course dominated (well, the girls… the varsity guys…ehhh)
Point is, we still won. Which is, of course, the primary goal. Haha.

I’m drained. Been up for at least 20 hours. Damn. Night, ya’ll!!!