concert tonight at cheekwood mansion. quite good. nothing like singing for a bunch of pretentious old people.

our french piece actually sounded ok!  haHA!

concert at school today as well. jennifer cremated her solo on R-E-S-P-E-C-T by my girl Aretha, many concurred.    

I think i was s’posed to be playing in the band but i didn’t cos:

1. I didn’t know the exact date of the concert, just that it was sometime in december before the holiday break
2. Zach, Emanuel and myself had not rehearsed together in weeks.
3. I didn’t have my clarinet or band music.

How ironic. After all that effing practicing I did at home…

on a better note….

jennifer’s J.V b-ball game was good. despite the mavericks losing (16-28) or something, jennifer slammed in 10 or 12 pts.

VARSITY WON THEIR FIRST!!!!!!! Radnor  Baptist Acad. went DOWN!!

(and no offense, but the building smells and is old….)

28-14 (as i was told a few minutes ago on the phone)

Vitaly actually cheered for his sister and her team. what a turn-around especially from American History class and corps….

going over to brandon’s house tomorrow with vitaly and ps2 and stuff. then maybe laser chase. heh. good times.

also, got a cumulative exam for driving school tomorrow. better
pass that damn thing! I want the insurance discount! (93 bucks/month!)

wh00t wh00t.

sunday, getting the last class’s quiz back at church and taking another.
gotta make more progress on my Islamic religion project. blah. bah.
Nafeh better give me extra points.

got a lot to do. I’m both tired, wired, and wanting to play a video game or two. Simpson’s Hit and Run should suffice.



2 responses to “

  1. Me too! Haha (I meant, I miss the 90s too).

  2. Puffy, darling! How have you been? Good I hope.


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