Good day. I must say. Concert this evening. Closed out the semester for the winter at Blair at VU.

Homecoming was tonight

MA of course dominated (well, the girls… the varsity guys…ehhh)
Point is, we still won. Which is, of course, the primary goal. Haha.

I’m drained. Been up for at least 20 hours. Damn. Night, ya’ll!!!

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  1. i agree with swoo…..i think im turnin into a headcase now ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!! lol

  2. Well, the guys did technically dominate…We were up 25 at half time, and won by 11. They basically had no chance of winning, however they did beat us by 14 in the second half. But that’s only because no one could make a shot and coach kept f*cking with the line up.

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