Well. What a week!


Finished my 50 page report for Forensics….

Might I boast that my page count exceeded the minium of 50 pages, though?!?

I damn well will.

Oh, and Josh you owe me 1 buck

And Eric (even though you don’t update anymore…) you best be givin me my goddang $1.50

I seriously charge 100% interest. Eric owes me about 6 dollars now.

And tommorrow might just be 12 ….


Oh gosh, Brandon invited me and the Russian over to hang out again…sometime this weekend. He said tomorrow in full knowledge that he’ll either be in VA with his dad or in Clarksville for a basketball game (lol).

Crazy ass kids.

Went to the Brooks house tonight. Shared many laughs and good hot tasty food. Homemade Chocolate chip cookies, dinner rolls, chicken, rib…

dang. What a feast. Good thing I hadn’t eated much.

I think I’m going to redo my xanga layout again. Everytime I see purple I’m reminded of tinky winky and gaiety then i’m reminded of mr. gromm…

good god.

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