Well, I like this layout. Especially the Vasarely background.


Familiar with the art work of the guy?

It’s insane!

Ah. Yes.

And I still charge Josh n Eric with being in money debt…

Although Josh did get me a good Secret Santa gift at school.

Nothing beats a giftcard to Borders. YES!

So I guess i’ll waive that charge for him. ^_~

Eric needs to give me my $1.50 … 

Happy Holidays, kids.


And some pictures from school!


The Russian

Josh and Eric

A chair at Homecoming

and John

And you thought your school was special.

3 responses to “

  1. hey girl..aww i wanna see ’em pics girl! i’d love to see how everyones doing. i actually saw robert at the movies last nite, he told me bout how he left MA and everything. sux but yet a good thing. umm hows the lady mavericks doing?? that would be awesome if we played ya’ll..of course we would be the victors..haha lol u kno it 🙂 🙂

  2. Victor Vasarely is a genius. Good choice. And I will pay you back, in fact, I have your dollar right as we speak. I guess you’ll have to wait to get it though. Sucks huh?

  3. guess what veronica…. i love you! and yea, you are the coolest, greatest, most perfectest person on this planet! lol, bad grammer i know… and i think i spelled grammer wrong… isnt it grammar? oh well, its just cuz ima stupid freshmen… lol… happy holidays to you!

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