Well, let’s recall some of the past days or so…

Wednesday (at
least…Wednesday night) was HELL. I had a Forensics report to finish,
not to mention, deal with the anxiety over the Anatomy and Physiology
labeling exam which I was going to be given back…graded and all…
Plus, I didn’t feel too good at home. And my USB/Flash memory stick was
being an effing pansy and my sister was being an idiot…and you get

got a little better. I finished the effing Forensics report and then
was called over to Ms. Brooks for a Student Council meeting/dinner
which I am NOT apart of. Allegedly, I was needed to capture some
pivotal moments in the S.C meeting… Ja. But thanks to a lack of
preparation (that is, Ms. Brooks only telling me about bringing my
beloved camera that very day at school) I didn’t get the chance to pick
it up from home as my parents were elsewhere and I…*cringe* STILL do
not have my license.

Anyways, long story short, my week
concluded surprisingly swimmingly. I turned the report in…had some
grub at the Brooks’ and Friday went to school for a couple hours, got
some gifts, gave some gifts, watched X-men (the first one) and then
that night chilled with the Russian at Thoroughbred to see A Series of
Unfortunate Events and T.G.I.F. for more eating. Good times. Good
times. As for the remainder of my X-mas holiday I’ll be here. No NYC
thanks to the Penn (Hotel Pennsylvania) not having any vacancies (what
could we have expected?) and my parents are not exactly impartial
when it comes to choosing a place of lodging for vacations/brief
It also doesn’t help that my mom hasn’t been in touch with relatives on
Long Island in…oh, about two years.  Damn.

But we might go to Waverly, TN to visit some other family friends and their new adopted baby girl from China! Yes!


think it is actually going to snow some here. The sky is white and it
is effing cold outside. I just hope it sticks. Remember: It’s always
good to have a great Christmas, but to have a great white Christmas is glori ious!!!!
Keep yer fingers crossed, eh?


3 responses to “

  1. you are not inimate.. inanimate—– however the hell you spell it!!! but thanks for the offer.. and i love you bunches for actually caring…

  2. seriously….your xanga is THE BEST

  3. It’s snowing right now, puffy! …Kinda!
    You call him the Russian? That makes me giggle.

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