My, my. This shall be a rather lengthy entry as today was very long….

Actually, nevermind, I’ll just give a very condensed brief…if that makes sense…

ahem. Right, so this morning I’m awake at 7. Go do some more friggin xmas shopping for dad, jennifer, and mom at a variety of places… walmart, target, and sports academy, and borders…. Run out of money…except for $1.70 which I then invest in some jolly ranchers and a rubber breast cancer awareness bracelet. By then it was about 10:30.

Then rush home to have a full mug of dad’s own coffee (my dad…) and a pb’n’j sandwich with surprisingly tasty chunky peanut butter.

Then, grab the utensils and what have you for a Food and Culture project…cooking show! Then hurry over to Vitaly’s to film…. We’d decided to make a french dish: chocolate mousse cake. My arrival time at his place was about noon…

Note that this entry is 9:36 P.M. Reason being because I just returned from his house. -_-

never will I utter the words “chocolate mousse cake” or “gateau mousse au chocolat” with fondness again. never

9 hours of cooking and filming and cursing our infuriating Food and Culture class… And I was the main cook on screen.. -_-

9 hours.
9 hours.
9 hours.

I ought to send a thank you/condolence (if you can mix the two…hah) card to his family for Vitaly and my mishaps and dilatoriness…sorta…we didn’t really procrastinate…we’re just idiots. at least I am. It was a good time, though.

Now I’m home. Celebrating xmas early tomorrow so I guess this is technically xmas eve…

be good, ya’ll!

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