Well, Christmas 2k4 was great. Hope everyone’s went swimmingly as well?? hmm??

The gifts this year were superb… nearly topping Christmas 2k3 and 2k2…

2k2 highlights:

harry potter and the chamber of secrets game
kingdom hearts game
final fantasy x game

2k3 highlights

seiko watch (if you don’t already know…they’re a little expensive …hah)
bend it like beckham soundtrack (love indian music)

also, for my 17th i got the very nice birkenstock shoes and innumerable dvds

great times.

this year’s Christmas i received

a new cleaning kit for my birkenstocks, an italian scarf, a roxy hat,
Sims 2, nine west socks, birkenstock socks, toe socks from my sister, a
cd case, laptop screen cleaner (lol), and some other stuff and money.

i’m considering buying that THe North Face fleece at Blue Ridge Mountain Sports or R.E.I. depending on where it’s cheaper at…

Anyways, rather unfull house no family came this year…(peace!) but
we’re going to visit with family friends wednesday… I’m pretty sure
this entry’s reiterating some things from a previous one but whatever.

just been informed that my sister and I will be participating in the
after christmas sales tomorrow. hehe. At The Body Shop or somewhere…



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  1. my grandmother taught me french, it was like my second language growing up, everytime i went to stay with her, it was all i heard, i learned real quick, lol…. merry christmas veronica, an happy new years if i dont get back to you by then!
    see you in january… ill only be there 2 days… ENGLAND!!! hahahaha, man its gonna be fun! i get to go see phantom of the opera, first night im there, and its the actual play! im soooo excited now… lol… ttyl.

  2. Hey! I also got “Sims2″…everyone’s been telling me how fun it is…but frankly it’s too confusing for a girl that likes simple games like freecell… 🙂

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