unbelievable. less than 45 hours until I have to return to school! semester exams at the end of this week too!

I’m a little peeved right now.

crazy break, though, I will say that. (observe the fluctuating mood of smileys, lol) Pretty shwell christmas and then a stupendous new year’s. except for the “hangover” the next day. That sorta sucked. and I only had ONE glass of ze bubblees. (i’m not some alcoholic freak, i only have it once a year…at the very end…lol…seriously…) and my parents were there. so my mum gave me two tylenol and I slept a while. my mom and dad laughed at me.

today, I drove to Brandon’s and supervised him while he attempted to make a chocolate mousse cake…well, actually, I ended up attempting to make it with him. he doesn’t know his way around his kitchen at all. it was both amusing and exasperating.

then we hung out in his room and I played vice city on his ps2. haha. vitaly called announcing his early return from florida with his family and accused me of excluding him from brandon and my “getting together”

that was about 5 hours ago. Now I’m both watching my sister play NBA street while rethinking some of the ludicrously inconspicuous clues in the Gosford Park movie and glancing down into the family room at it.

hnn. I haven’t done much of any work for any classes except food and culture for this break so far. (Not that I will be anytime tomorrow either…puh-leeze)

Although, I might have to re-read some parts of Anatomy. I have skimmed over it, and just the other day I was randomly listing all the different types of joints in the body: condyloid, hinge, pivot, saddle, ball and socket, synovial, yuh…i’m probably making up and forgetting some (but I only read the chapter once…or half a time…still cremated the labeling exam (92!) didn’t finish my book for forensics either. hehe. As for the math quizzes I had outstanding online… well, you get it. I’ve procrastinated. But I’ll be fine. lol. usually am. Hah. I’ve really been remiss.

but at least I’m going to go see Meet the Fockerstomorrow.

anywho, that’s that.

i s’pose this might be the part where people respond and tell about how great or pathetic their break was…

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