today at about 2:45 i went to the mall and met up with brandon and the
russian. UNfortunately, Brandon’s friends from Franklin, Sisco (or
however you spell it) and Jeff were with him too. apparently, they knew
me and Vitaly’d be there but as usual, I was unaware. we walked around
the mall and ran into Catherine while passing the cookie co. place.
after this encounter brandon noted that he felt very awkward talking to
catherine about his friend who is currently dating her. anyways. i
help  (vitaly was too occupied with walking and keeping up ….
hahah) brandon find a gift for anna (his gf) and we check out with this
cool black guy from AL state. hah. jeff and sisco by now have
molested/harrassed several animals in pass pets store. then we go to
candy craze (or whatever the store’s called i never go) and i call
katie to wish her a happy birthday, initially dreading the event that
her mother will answer saying she’s dying or something (long story) her
phone cuts off several times and i am cussed out by brandon for being
so bad at life and black.

hah. that initiated a whole exchange about white supremacy and other
racist concepts blah blah blah. some time later we all get lunch and
reilly (allegedly, a druggie) scores a medium sized fries upon only
requesting a free sample of A FRY at McDonalds. crazy guy, i tell you.
then he gets up and walks to a table across from us int he food court
and sits down. jeff thinks they must have been his parents. we’re
unsure still, but he did leave with them shortly afterwards.


jeff, brandon, vitaly, and I bought katie a card in Carlton Greetings
and then depart… vitaly and i went to sam goody’s and then i left
vitaly inside express men. i was hoping to go get something at
victoria’s secret but anyways.

tomorrow i finally start my medifast diet! I am very excited, for I’m
in desperate  need of losing some serious poundage. honestly, why
should I settle for having the physique analagous to that of a baby
killer whale?!?!?!?!

yup. the shakes will be glorious. dutch chocolate and french vanilla flavored all the way baby!!!


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