Well, hello!

Since one of you actually asked for me to update I
will, but I assure you, there is nothing to say; this weekend has been
rather dull… extremely.

Carmina Burana Friday and Saturday
night at TPAC. rehearsals for it since Wednesday…i’m so sick of it.
My choir director Ms. Schneller is still in CCU Trauma unit at
Vanderbilt but she is undergoing physical therapy and making
outstanding progress. It’s only been three weeks since the accident in
Los Angeles so that helped keep my attitude healthy throughout the two
consecutive performances. Thankfully, our “substitute” Ms. Somerville
has gracially filled in and is doing amazingly well. She’s
even going to accompany us on tour to San Fransisco with or
without Ms. Schneller…it’ll be sad, but we’ll make the best of it…
besides…it’s CALIFORNIA! I’m going to enjoy myself
regardless….wh00t. A chance to get out of the south and venture to
the west coast. yesh!

Unfortunately, tour’s not for another
three months…so until then, I’ve got to endure a ludicrously dull
school year and the stupid SAT which is coming up within the next two

the most irritating part of this weekend was missing
Liz’s party because it sounded like it was about 5 times more
interesting/eventful than most parties held by fellow Montessorians.
Although, there were a few that were pretty good…  I have been
called a prostitute and whore and loser for missing the party last
night and will be subjected to even more undue name calling in the
morning… it’s going be a long week.

I am exhausted and
irked…plus I still have an Anatomy and Phys essay to write so Im
going to quickly get that out of the way so I can go watch the Oscars!
Chris Rock should be most entertaining

(y’know, now that i actually have looked at the Oscar trophy closely, is it just me, or is he supposed to look like he’s stabbing his testicles? )

and yeah, just like Travis Smiley said at the State of Black America conference on C-SPAN: Foxx better win Best Actor for Ray

Black Power!


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  1. You didn’t miss much…Eric and I left early.
    Matty stripped for Liz. And that was awesome.
    In the words of the great New Found Glory, it was “All Down Hill From There (here)”

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