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quite a week, i must say. short, but good. brandon gave me some easter egg jelly beans for easter and i gave him a dollar (cuz i didnt want the change we’re out today and tomorrow because of some teacher conference thing in some place. 4 day weekend! wh00t. today im taking my car to the marta and then to get it tagged and all that. finally. insurance! lol. last night, i was supposed to go to laser chase but at the last minute found out that no other girls would be there. brandon said i could stll come but i decided that this would not be a very wise choice. so instead,  vitaly and me went to katie’s, drove over to blockbuster and then starbucks for frappachinos. we watched insomnia and were supposed to watch the incredibles afterwards but i had to leave at about 9:30. fun times, mostly making fun of eachother and listening to vitaly complain about katie going too fast (even when she was going 25 mph). then i left my wallet because i wasnt expecting to be leaving so soon and so now it’s either inside her house in the recliner i sat in or katie’s car. -_- i ask you, what am i going to do with myself? well, now im going to enjoy myself this weekend especially tomorrow when i earn 50 bucks for babysitting these kids near MA.  



it is 10:48 at night and i am very disheartened; spring break has
ended. i do however hope everyone had a good spring break. mine was exceptional and
quite productive.

the majority of the time i repainted my own
room and refurnished it with new furniture including a kick-ass
ottoman. i earned 52 dollars + money i charged my sister for using my
laptop and actually did some school work too. math mostly because dr. j
is crazy lol. the rest of the time i was stuck in traffic, specifically
just yesterday…saturday traffic is hell. stray far from coolsprings
mall area and that vicinity if you can on the weekend! stray, i tell
you! im not trying to exaggerate im just promulgating the truth! lol.

spring break 2005 was indeed a success and more. it was fun just not
being around half the kids at MA. ahh what a nice respite. lol. im sure
you all missed me as much as i missed you
. Oh, and if you haven’t already and want to, reservations for a copy
of the HP book #6 can be made at Borders with a 40% discount (i have
already taken advantage of this and am very excited lol)! dont forget
to pick up your “Reading is Magic” purple band to support others so
they can have the opportunity to read and enjoy the world of books!
$2.00 each with $1.60 directly going to the funds.

two good movies i watched in my spare time: Finding Neverland and Fat Albert (Seriously! it wasn’t that bad!)

Finally, a brief of upcoming things that are on my mind right now (i
have presently forgotten the many things that are between them but oh

dates/months to look forwards to:

March 31: insurance for my 1993 Honda finally official
April 1: April Fool’s (Duh!)
…. some performances and whatnot I’ve forgotten specific dates of…
April 12: SAT score report
April 21: Class trip to Atlanta
May 26: last day of school!
June: Tour to California
July 16: Harry Potter book #6
August: Annual family trip to Florida (this time hopefully with Gabe and his family hee hee)
September: first full month of SENIOR YEAR!
November 18: Harry Potter movie #4 released
December: FFXII and KH 2 released in the US

thank god it is finally spring break. it’ll be so effing great to not have to go to that school for a whole week!


yesterday at about 12:00 and go straight home. one of my main
objectives this spring break are 1) to redecorate my room and 2)
learning to really drive my stick shift.

SO, anyways, at about
12:30, I start cleaning my room out. vacuuming, and taking everything
(except my spongebob calendar) off the walls. eventually, my dad will
be helping me with the wallpapering since Ive decided i like the
wallpaper that used to be on the walls of our hallway. im going for a
contemporary/asian sort of look. bamboo blinds and earth toned items
and a kickass black moon chair as well as cool lights and stuff. im
also getting brand new furniture. the ugly bluish carpet is being taken
up and im going to have all hardwood floors with a rug.


my joyous cleaning episode was interrupted by a phonecall from Brandon
at about 8:00 p.m. he says, “hey! we’re at the mall…me, katie reese,
and trey…you wanna come?”

(the mall closes at 9…lol) so i go over there and for about 45
minutes walk around with katie and meet her bf trey and get harrassed
by brandon…the usual. that’s how it goes. lol. turns out it was
brandon’s idea to invite me. i guess he wanted to see us all before he
leaves for VA/D.C today.

well, i just woke up from sleeping on
the couch (my bed is covered in everything from my old furniture in my
room) and now it’s time for breakfast and decorating!

have a wonderful Spring Break, kids!


for the first time in a very long while, i actually teared up while watching a movie. it’s a foreign film called El viaje de carol which, if you’ve not taken or (have but failed) spanish class, means something like Carol’s Travels or, specifically, (the US title) Carol’s Journey. Jennifer (mi hermana!) said i was being a loser for starting to cry, but i disagree. it was a very sad movie even with the gay and commonplace message: “it all works out in the end” bullshit.

in the end, all that really happened was:
following a fairly convoluted plot with the 1930s Spanish Civil War and all that lunacy and Carol’s falling in love with Tomiche the cute local boy (who is played by an actor who is my age *snicker snicker*)

– her long lost father returns
– he’s pursued by angry officials for being a foreigner (non Spanish)
– the pursuers accidentally shoot her lover local boy who was with her while they tried to help her fugitive father.

the ending could have been much better, but no. some bastard director and producer had to go and ruin what was potentially a good, wholesome, and uplifting movie.

good news: foreign films are among the best ways to find attractive foreign actors who really do not compare to quite a few of the actors here who are all getting old or shacking up with blonde anorexic bimbos or smoke or have realized they are gay.

i dunno…i s’pse the gay part is an exaggeration.

and the two on my list are:
pierre boulanger (b. 8/87) and juan jose ballesta (b. 11/87)

dress robes!

I finally took the SAT and let me tell you…

it was pretty damn amazing. the essay especially.

i went into things about mcarthyism and arthur miller’s the crucible
(which parallels the plight of victims during the red scare and the
salem witch trials and segregation and man…

i hope i did well overall… regardless, i will probably be taking it again in May.

i hope everyone else did well!!!!!!!!!!!

tell me how you think you did!!!

ive recently been listening to the following songs:

The Patient – Tool
Transatlanticism – Death Cab For Cutie
Strawberry Fields Forever – The Beatles
I’ll See You In My Dreams – Joe Brown (featured in the Concert for George)
Everything’s Not Lost – Coldplay
Within You Without You – The Beatles
I am the Walrus – The Beatles

very good songs indeed. listen to them.

dunno why I am awake now but this might just be the entry for the day.


saturday was the first of about 5 car washes for the class trip to atlanta. at about 12:00 i arrived ready to help in windy, 50-55 degree weather . i hadnt had anything to eat at all and decided to buy a medium fries and small coke for my lunch. i also bought claire a dr. pepper. i ended up giving about 20 fries to people and half the cup of coke I had, but ehh… sharing is caring, right? haha. sunday, i went to church. it was ok…sorta…not really…actually i was checking my watch every 20 minutes until we left. dunno when my parents are going to insure the cars so i can drive, but that was just about the only think that ruined my weekend.

Today, school was the same as usual. i think i was attacked about 10 times just entering and exiting the locker area, but like I said, school was the same as usual…

Ms. Brooks has just assigned the first diagram to memorize for A and P in a while, so i am doing that now.

what I’ve gotten so far (counter-clockwise, down):


(counter-clockwise, up)

anal canal
sigmoid colon
ascending colon
descending colon
transverse colon

more to go…i know the last few are simple, but i keep getting distracted…