saturday was the first of about 5 car washes for the class trip to atlanta. at about 12:00 i arrived ready to help in windy, 50-55 degree weather . i hadnt had anything to eat at all and decided to buy a medium fries and small coke for my lunch. i also bought claire a dr. pepper. i ended up giving about 20 fries to people and half the cup of coke I had, but ehh… sharing is caring, right? haha. sunday, i went to church. it was ok…sorta…not really…actually i was checking my watch every 20 minutes until we left. dunno when my parents are going to insure the cars so i can drive, but that was just about the only think that ruined my weekend.

Today, school was the same as usual. i think i was attacked about 10 times just entering and exiting the locker area, but like I said, school was the same as usual…

Ms. Brooks has just assigned the first diagram to memorize for A and P in a while, so i am doing that now.

what I’ve gotten so far (counter-clockwise, down):


(counter-clockwise, up)

anal canal
sigmoid colon
ascending colon
descending colon
transverse colon

more to go…i know the last few are simple, but i keep getting distracted…

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  1. hey!~ this is Yu Jin! you know one of Jenn’s friends? wat is all that thing? counter clock-wise down…mouth tongue……?? lol anyways byebye~

  2. Vitaly, play nicely.
    You never know when Puffy’s amazing powers of Tommy Hilfebreeze-ness may come out and bite you.

  3. First of all, nobody wants to read about your A&P knowledge…
    Secondly (I’m using transition words since you obviously can’t get through life without them), I’m glad you’re finally out of denial: “all right, i admit it… i have no friends :(”
    It’s sad, but it’s the truth…

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