for the first time in a very long while, i actually teared up while watching a movie. it’s a foreign film called El viaje de carol which, if you’ve not taken or (have but failed) spanish class, means something like Carol’s Travels or, specifically, (the US title) Carol’s Journey. Jennifer (mi hermana!) said i was being a loser for starting to cry, but i disagree. it was a very sad movie even with the gay and commonplace message: “it all works out in the end” bullshit.

in the end, all that really happened was:
following a fairly convoluted plot with the 1930s Spanish Civil War and all that lunacy and Carol’s falling in love with Tomiche the cute local boy (who is played by an actor who is my age *snicker snicker*)

– her long lost father returns
– he’s pursued by angry officials for being a foreigner (non Spanish)
– the pursuers accidentally shoot her lover local boy who was with her while they tried to help her fugitive father.

the ending could have been much better, but no. some bastard director and producer had to go and ruin what was potentially a good, wholesome, and uplifting movie.

good news: foreign films are among the best ways to find attractive foreign actors who really do not compare to quite a few of the actors here who are all getting old or shacking up with blonde anorexic bimbos or smoke or have realized they are gay.

i dunno…i s’pse the gay part is an exaggeration.

and the two on my list are:
pierre boulanger (b. 8/87) and juan jose ballesta (b. 11/87)

dress robes!


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  1. Rupert Grint is my hero.
    I’ve decided he and I are getting married.

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