thank god it is finally spring break. it’ll be so effing great to not have to go to that school for a whole week!


yesterday at about 12:00 and go straight home. one of my main
objectives this spring break are 1) to redecorate my room and 2)
learning to really drive my stick shift.

SO, anyways, at about
12:30, I start cleaning my room out. vacuuming, and taking everything
(except my spongebob calendar) off the walls. eventually, my dad will
be helping me with the wallpapering since Ive decided i like the
wallpaper that used to be on the walls of our hallway. im going for a
contemporary/asian sort of look. bamboo blinds and earth toned items
and a kickass black moon chair as well as cool lights and stuff. im
also getting brand new furniture. the ugly bluish carpet is being taken
up and im going to have all hardwood floors with a rug.


my joyous cleaning episode was interrupted by a phonecall from Brandon
at about 8:00 p.m. he says, “hey! we’re at the mall…me, katie reese,
and trey…you wanna come?”

(the mall closes at 9…lol) so i go over there and for about 45
minutes walk around with katie and meet her bf trey and get harrassed
by brandon…the usual. that’s how it goes. lol. turns out it was
brandon’s idea to invite me. i guess he wanted to see us all before he
leaves for VA/D.C today.

well, i just woke up from sleeping on
the couch (my bed is covered in everything from my old furniture in my
room) and now it’s time for breakfast and decorating!

have a wonderful Spring Break, kids!


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  1. hey, are you going to the carwash tomorrow? is there one? and if there is, do you know where and what time?

  2. Hey loser, I actually got my license. And, how far are you in X-2? Still in chapter 1, probably…

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