it is 10:48 at night and i am very disheartened; spring break has
ended. i do however hope everyone had a good spring break. mine was exceptional and
quite productive.

the majority of the time i repainted my own
room and refurnished it with new furniture including a kick-ass
ottoman. i earned 52 dollars + money i charged my sister for using my
laptop and actually did some school work too. math mostly because dr. j
is crazy lol. the rest of the time i was stuck in traffic, specifically
just yesterday…saturday traffic is hell. stray far from coolsprings
mall area and that vicinity if you can on the weekend! stray, i tell
you! im not trying to exaggerate im just promulgating the truth! lol.

spring break 2005 was indeed a success and more. it was fun just not
being around half the kids at MA. ahh what a nice respite. lol. im sure
you all missed me as much as i missed you
. Oh, and if you haven’t already and want to, reservations for a copy
of the HP book #6 can be made at Borders with a 40% discount (i have
already taken advantage of this and am very excited lol)! dont forget
to pick up your “Reading is Magic” purple band to support others so
they can have the opportunity to read and enjoy the world of books!
$2.00 each with $1.60 directly going to the funds.

two good movies i watched in my spare time: Finding Neverland and Fat Albert (Seriously! it wasn’t that bad!)

Finally, a brief of upcoming things that are on my mind right now (i
have presently forgotten the many things that are between them but oh

dates/months to look forwards to:

March 31: insurance for my 1993 Honda finally official
April 1: April Fool’s (Duh!)
…. some performances and whatnot I’ve forgotten specific dates of…
April 12: SAT score report
April 21: Class trip to Atlanta
May 26: last day of school!
June: Tour to California
July 16: Harry Potter book #6
August: Annual family trip to Florida (this time hopefully with Gabe and his family hee hee)
September: first full month of SENIOR YEAR!
November 18: Harry Potter movie #4 released
December: FFXII and KH 2 released in the US

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  1. veronica ur such a nerd. :p but i love u! u still into harry potter ehh? hehe thats pretty kool. veronica ur pretty kool! u rokk my world!

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