quite a week, i must say. short, but good. brandon gave me some easter egg jelly beans for easter and i gave him a dollar (cuz i didnt want the change heh..lol) we’re out today and tomorrow because of some teacher conference thing in some place. 4 day weekend! wh00t. today im taking my car to the marta and then to get it tagged and all that. finally. insurance! lol. last night, i was supposed to go to laser chase but at the last minute found out that no other girls would be there. brandon said i could stll come but i decided that this would not be a very wise choice. so instead,  vitaly and me went to katie’s, drove over to blockbuster and then starbucks for frappachinos. we watched insomnia and were supposed to watch the incredibles afterwards but i had to leave at about 9:30. fun times, mostly making fun of eachother and listening to vitaly complain about katie going too fast (even when she was going 25 mph). then i left my wallet because i wasnt expecting to be leaving so soon and so now it’s either inside her house in the recliner i sat in or katie’s car. -_- i ask you, what am i going to do with myself? well, now im going to enjoy myself this weekend especially tomorrow when i earn 50 bucks for babysitting these kids near MA.  


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  1. Are you going to go to JC’s play?
    And are you going to the carwash on Saturday?

  2. She was going faster than 25 mph… and good job. You already lost your cellphone, and now you’ve lost your wallet…

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