well, as of today, i have lost 14 lbs. yes, this is
not very much, considering it’s all i’ve lost in the last 17 days or
so, but it is definitely a start. only…20 lbs to go…lol  so
I’ll continue with the sit-ups in the morning and before dinner and
running/walking for 30 minutes everyday either at school or on the bike
track from my house to the brentwood libary and Y and my obsession with
only eating small portions of food (servings of whatever the food or
less) every few hours as the insulin resistant diet book instructs.
     i went shopping this afternoon after church
and actually *gasps* bought a two piece bathing suit that WASNT a
tankini am i feeling bold or what?!
i dont think i look TOO bad, but ill probably chicken out and not let
anyone see what i look like in the suit at the pool in the hotel in
atlanta. other than the bathing suit i bought a very nice pair of jeans
at JCPenney’s (one of my favorite stores for sales), a sequined tank
top, and…undergarments lol. then i bought  capris and a skirt at
Kohls as well as  a floppy hat amd some earrings! yeah!
    Right now, I’m about to go finish cooking Sunday
dinner before some reading and A and P studying. only three school days
until Atlanta! wh00t!

3 responses to “

  1. ahhh vitaly is gross………. lol  i need to lose weight too~~ oh and the picture is from a movie called totoro. its a japanese movie

  2. where were you today? we had another quiz in english… and we also had an essay..

  3. Veronica! BE CONSERVATIVE! Little clothing leads to you-know-what…

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