hey, thanks vitaly. im glad you think im so original. seriously.

oh, some more pictures.




as usual, josh, ben, and chris are too photogenic for words. lol  

im not sure.


i dont remember why vitaly’s making this face, but it might’ve been when i asked the current score at the braves game…

cracker barrel

josh and john “doin’ it big?” was that what chris said?

rehman….mr. lance whitaker 


claire! there’s another of her i was going to insert here but my big head is in it.just about ruins the picture.

3 responses to “

  1. VITALY!!!!!!!!!!

  2. oh, so you won’t make fun of yourself by putting a picture of claire and your big head on this site, but you will embarrass me with my special picture…
    and, i’m not running for secretary. you’ll win by default.

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