anyways, ive decided that in order to call myself a pragmatist i should
admit that: despite any of my aspirations, failure and disappointment
are inevitable. in spite of anything, i will never be comparable to any
of those ludicrously beautiful female figures who the general
population exalt above all for their physical blessings. if im ever
going to get married when i get older, i’d best be damn sure that i’m
very intelligent, because, let’s face it, the likelihood of me
attracting an attractive and successful man by looks is perhaps 1 in
1,000,000. i have also decided that i need to get out more and that in
order to get most places in life, I must act brazenly (or simply be
“louder” than everyone else), have friends, money, water, pita bread
and hummus, running shoes, a good book, and an 18 speed bicycle. i am
not witty, inspiring, or refreshingly original. some random facts about
me are that: my blue and black puff jacket still hangs to my knees as
it did when i first got it in the 6th grade.  i can be blunt and
rude. i am black, but do not know any real gansters/hos/pimps nor the
true meaning of “crunk” or why saying something is “sick” is meant to
be a positive description. no one in my family on either side has been
“in a cage” before or convicted of anything especially murder in the
1st, 2nd, or 3rd degree. sex is NOT in my vocabulary (HA!) and i
exercise constant abstinence 24/7.  i have two best friends. I am
one of those “black folk” who does not love rap and hip-hop music. my
middle name is not laqueshia or latoya. i do not look like a mexican at
all despite a particular individual’s thoughts. hilary duff is NOT my
heroine. to further dispel any rumors, vitaly and I were NOT admonished
for looking at dirty literature in waldenbooks at any time. ever.
according to ms. brooks, no one will ever graduate college unless you
have no life, enjoy thinking maps, and sucking up to professors. in the
7th grade, at one point, i was within 20 feet of Queen Elizabeth II and
her son Charles, but did not have any film in my camera at the time. no
one seems to forget my personal embarrassments including a lisp in my
8th grade year.  there are less than 3 weeks of actual school days
until the class of 2006 is free for the summer. i commend you if you
actually read any/all this.


2 responses to “

  1. Oh, you put up the picture! I like it
    And you get 0 eprops this time because YOUR special. I hope you enjoy my spelling… I know how much it irritates you

  2. Shame on you. You shouldn’t marry somebody only if they are attractive and successful… It’s what’s on the inside that counts
    And you’re right, nothing happened in Waldenbooks.
    And you’re wroing: you’re the most original person I know (who else gets constantly made fun of by teachers?)

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