well, sisco really couldn’t afford a tux or anything
to go to prom with me so im stuck with vitaly and he’s stuck with me.
(haha) according to
brandon, sisco is “in major debt” to him and jeff george and is spanish
(actually born in spain) and is thus, “extremely poor and pathetic”
said Brandon. *shrugs*
sucks for sisco, lol.
    on a grander note:prom dinner is finally done! i
made reservations this morning for the Stoney River restaurant just a
street over from me in Cool Springs.

Party of 10 (a.k.a The Fabulous 10)

Josh & Jessica
Ben W & Rachael
Zach & Katie R
Chris & Kelsey
Vitaly & ME!

be getting this huge round table to sit together at and see eachother.
marvelous! simply marvelous! then we can drift on over to prom at the

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  1. Have FUN PUFFY! And I can’t COME TO YOUR PLAAAAAAAAAAAAY! :’-( I’m going to my brother-in-law’s graduation tomorrow night and we won’t be back until sunday afternoon. Move it to next weekend, darnit! lol

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