overall, the day was ok with the exception of the stupid
play which i am tired of worrying about. today my entire day is ruined
because i have to go to two performances. next week is going to be
terrible…ms. brooks of course had to give us some random “exam” and
ben a and i have to present the stupid chemistry section and recite 50
elements…not that it’ll be hard but i already have limited time
during the weekend to do anything but the damn play and my mom’s just
informed me that we’re visiting my great grandmother for mother’s day
tomorrow in Mississippi.

2 responses to “

  1. well, now that we’ve talked, i don’t think i need to answer that…lol. have fun at church!

  2. I hope you’re not angry…. And you’re not the school idiot.
    Plus, the part about mistakes was not about you; it means that I’m NOT perfect, so more people will be more likely to vote for me.

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