Prom was last night and I must say that it was
excellent! It was
filled with a variety of entertaining and memorable moments and was
teeming with laughter and excitement about the advent of the end of
school.(dont laugh at that sentence it’s perfect and not cheesy lol)

    Well, at about 7:00 p.m (in the rain) Katie, Zach, Vitaly, and
myself all crammed into Zach’s (just washed) two-door car and headed
over to Mere Bulles after oh, about 50 pictures taken by my and Katie’s
mother. Vitaly and I both had to be told not to fall into a hole in the
floor of the sun-room while taking our picture (undergoing
construction), but Vitaly fell in anyways.* Turns out that Vitaly and I
picked a  matching  corsage and boutonierre. Special people
alike, no? Anyways, Mere Bulles.
    We arrived after a few minutes of
yelling (all at me) because I’m apparently an inept navigator. I mean,
really, ok. All the right people were at Mere Bulles for dinner. I
honestly can say that it was a perfect (motley definitely) group of
students from fair MA (and a few from other schools): Ben W, Rachael,
John, Kristen, Josh, Jessica, Ben A, Kathy, Brandon, Anna, Katie R,
Zach, Chris, Kelsey, Robert, Alex D, Daniel, Tim, myself,  Vitaly,
Randall, and La Ren. I’m pretty sure that was everyone and it was
great. At dinner, I proceeded to introduce the planned topics for
discussion and we generally adhered to the discussion schedule and
everyone was happy. I think we all learned a little more about one
another and no, I was NOT being “retarded”. HEH. In fact, the more
retarded of the group was Vitaly who turned to me thinking he’d
misplaced his (I don’t remember him using the right term (cuff-links)
until he reached into his pocket and found them. Then I believe he said
something about thinking they were earrings. Huh. then i had to help
him put them in his cuffs/sleeves (especially after katie’s
misguidance). Moving along.
was great, up until the point when I was FULL (honestly, Vitaly! lol)
after a few bites. This was understandable because earlier in the
afternoon that day I’d consumed a slice of Sbarro’s pizza with apple
juice and a small green apple.
Then Vitaly tried to pay for my dinner and his but me being the
independent lol, would not let him and I think we annoyed our server.
After dinner, even more bloody pictures were taken outside Mere Bulles
and then Zach, Katie, Vitaly and I jumped back into Zach’s car and
rushed over to the hotel for the prom.

    At the actual prom, it was a good 20 minutes before
Vitaly and I
could even get to the dancing because so many people were yelling and
stuff about their dresses. So, naturally, I yelled back, hugs were
exchanged “Oh, cute! How pretty!” was a common comment and all was
happy and no umbrage taken by anyone. I hope. :o) THEN Vitaly and I
wore some leis, found Mr. B in the dance room monitoring all the
ungodly things everyone was doing and went to check the luau down the
hallway out for about 4 minutes then went back to the dancing. Casey,
John, Ben W, and Josh showed everyone else how to truly dance and
Vitaly and I showed everyone how NOT to dance (i.e Charlie Brown and
“push dance”?  that’s awkward, but I don’t think we’ve quite given
that one a name, huh?). Anywho, Vitaly and I agreed that we would have
to dance one decent dance together before it all ended but quite a few
songs weren’t too good for that. In the end we DID get to dance to some
random country tune or something (at least it wasn’t about following
thangs around and tworking, which is, albeit, appealing to the masses,
not exactly suited for dancing to whilst clothed lol) erm. then vitaly
and I sat outside the dancing room where a few were too waiting for
Zach and Katie. it was about 12 and then my mom calls asking what i was
doing afterwards. then i spoke to La Ren for a minute. then Zach took
Katie, Zach, and myself back to Katie’s. En route, I was nodding off
and tried to use vitaly as a pillow but couldn’t really because he was too busy
pushing katie in front of him as Zach drove. the seat adjuster was
malfunctioning and consequently proved quite enjoyable for Vitaly and
Katie. that was interesting.

    Then vitaly and i had to wake poor katie’s parents
up so she could change and stuff. it took katie about an hour to get
ready and then we were off to the after party which really wasnt much
of one. vitaly and i ended up sitting on the couch watching half the tv
and us marshalls and all of the poker/spades game between ms brooks,
chris, ben a, and robert. -_-. vitaly ate something. we went to watch
another tv only to find that nothing was on. then i took a 5 minute nap
on the hotel bed. then vitaly and i resumed watching poker/spades and
fell asleep with me occasionally waking up and playing tetris and
complaining to him about a high score..  and he served as a pillow. my mom came to pick us up and that was
end of the after party at about 3:30 and i  fell asleep halfway
home (about 10 minutes) to my mom’s Something’s Gotta Give soundtrack.

I had an enormous amount of fun in several ways (safely, mind you ^_^
i’m such a loser lol) and believe it was a kajillion times better than
last year’s.

I love you all.

*I lied. He ALMOST fell in, but I didn’t. Hah

2 responses to “

  1. sounds like a lot of fun!

  2. 1) It was a little odd that only we were warned about the hole in the floor… I guess the Reese’s expected that from us.
    2) I used the right term (cuff-links); I only had problems putting them on…
    And I love your opening paragraph, especially the last sentence. Very cheesy…

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