okay. well. today was amazing.

at 11:00 am i (ok, ok, my mom and sister and  me) pick the russian
up from his house and drive to triune. we stop for gas. when my sister
is told to pump the gas, she pumps the super premium gas (the most
expensive of the three types *rolls eyes*) she starts sputtering and
well, she’s special.this was quite a shock to me because jennifer has
generally been the “brighter” of us both. anyways.

we get to the renaissance fest and meet up with
brandon,jeff,sisco,anna, and ben a after trying to call them from the
entrance for maybe 20 minutes. then we boarded the bus for the castle

the tour sucked

moving along. we return to the fest and play chess with eachother and
this one guy forEVER. i lost to the stranger and then vitaly and i went
and walked around. i bought a 2 dollar coke because things there are
ludicrously priced -_- . Next we all decided to stop playing chess and
go walk around. some decide to go watch glass blowing and anna and
brandon and i go to a vendor and look at some rings. then we went to
eat. brandon’s parents also gave him money to pay for everyone’s food.
oh, by the way, katie r’s shown up, so we have to deal with her (haha).
ben a, vitaly, and i bought chicken gyros and vitaly and i drink more
coke. geez. then i decided to buy some cinnamon roasted nuts. most ended
up in katie’s mouth. i helped katie choose her lunch which ended up
being fish and chips. and for all you unworldly people who’ve probably never
ventured outside the U.S (or at least into the UK) , this is
ENGLISH style fish and chips fried VERY greasy fish with EVEN GREASIER
FRENCH FRIES. glad we got that out of the way. then sisco, jeff,
brandon, anna, ben a, vitaly, katie r, and myself watched Axel the Sot
talk about a LOT about sex and other crass, vulgar ungodly things. oh
well. lol.

at about 4ish vitaly’s DISAPPEARED which would have been MOST
CONVENIENT had it not been for the fact that my mom was responsible for
me AND him. so we have to wait for his return which was after maybe 30
minutes. vitaly claimed he was getting icecream but changed his mind
but did decide on funnel cake and blah blah blah, this in short said:
“I’m stupid and a loser and I got lost at the Renaissance Festival even
after being here a few times before.”


then katie offers to take vitaly and me back to downtown franklin. But
OH, NO. right outside the entrance (i was NEARLY home FREE) and stupid
russian vitaly went and “dropped” the paper plate of his funnel cake
and the powdered sugar COVERED me. and I was wearing DARK NAVY. and I
will KILL VITALY the next time i see him with anything with powdered
sugar or anything that is likely to be displaced. gah! i mean. it was
the saddest thing. this extra tall russian is trying to be polite and offer his
stupid funnel cake to people and OOPS he just LETS GO and it
gracefully but quickly blows out of his grasp and everywhere (on me,
that is) EXCEPT FOR THE REST OF THE GROUP. then i’m dubbed the “stupid
little powder puff girl thing woman” i mean really. but this did not,
however, match how katie r sneezes. quite a laugh. i mean, if anyone
were to tell my other friends about how I DROOL EVERYTIME I
SNEEZE,  i’d die. yech.


then we get to mcreary’s pub in downtown franklin and the russian and i
share a cheesecake and YES I ADMIT THAT I HATE CHEESECAKE. so
katie r ate most of it. and then vitaly and i split the price. and we

then it was over to brandon’s house and there i played vice city in
brandon’s room while brandon and vitaly made fun of me relentlessly and
sisco and katie r molested eachother. well. played basketball on
brandon’s floor. i mean, there was wall mouted goal ok. well. they
would’ve had fun without it anyways ^_~

then vitaly and i tried to play and he ACTUALLY MADE IT after a few tries. but
i didn’t. let it be known that vitaly chernish can be a vicious and
violent person. and he shoved me and was physically CRUEL several
times. domestic violence, I’d call it.

then we all went to play in brandon’s backyard on the swings and stuff.
then katie HAMRA calls with rachael and invites me to rachael’s bday
party next week.so i say, “ok” and something about bringing vitaly.
they say “as long as he brings inessa” so, vitaly, you can go. haha.

another couple hours pass and until about 8 pm, i play on bethany’s
scooter, brandon’s brother’s bike, then steal brandon’s bike from
vitaly, play some basketball, sit, hear how our old biology teacher
Mrs. St. Jacques thought that vitaly, myself and john d/randall were
the brightest (her best) students when she taught at M.A and am
surprised she didn’t think i was special (hah) etc. and then  my
mom picks us up. orders dinner from ming’s buffet and then ditch the
blasted russian at his home at 9 ish.

then we went to borders and i bought Bend It Like Beckam on dvd for 12 bucks

NOW i am watching it.

WHAT a day. and this was only the FIRST  REAL day of summer break for me.

7 responses to “

  1. Hey, Veronica… Do you have the latest school directory? I need Randall’s, Perry’s, Brandon’s, and Nikki’s addresses. If you have them, can you send them to me? Thank you.

  2. that sounded like fun lol stupid powder puff girl hahaha

  3. Oh, poo. It would have been fun to see you JC.
    And I’m sorry, Veronica. I was just offering the funnel cake to everybody, and, for some unknown reason, the wind happened to blow right when I was offering it to you. I still think it’s a sign, since it didn’t happen to anybody else…

  4. I WAS AT REN FEST TOO! Why didn’t I see you?! GRR!

  5. aww ronnie that sounds like QUITE an adventure!! but where did this russian guy come from??thanks for the comment! i’m sure i’m fine… just a little nervous!! i will see you tuesday!!<3 char

  6. I am the brightest of us both Veronica, I just …forgot which one to put in. lol. It could have been worse, maybe. glad you had fun at the renissance festival my “stupid powder puff girl” heheBye

  7. I used to kill that bitch’s tests. Fuck that shit for not mentioning my name.
    Does she have any idea who the FUCK I am?!??!?

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