Well. In 26 hours and 30 minutes I will have to be
awake and getting ready to be at the airport for a 6:00 a.m. flight to
Denver. From there, I will fly to San Francisco. Sadly, the tour will
only last 7 days, but I’m still excited. Sort of. It’ll be far from the
same as any of the previous tours I’ve been on with BCC…and…we’ll
probably suck compared to any other times. I NEED TO BE OPTIMISTIC,
THOUGH. Who knows? It might be the best freaking tour ever…somehow.
    Anyways. Last night, I finished ironing every piece
of clothing (excluding socks and underwear) before neatly packing them
into the suitcase.Then I packed my carry-on and wrapped the secret-sis
gift I bought and a birthday gift. Afterwards, I watched the final cd
of the 1st Season Southpark DVD set. I don’t remember when I fell
asleep in my bed, but, apparently, I left the lamp atop my bedside
table on. 
    Today, I worked with fellow social chairperson,
Charisma with the social stuff for tour. Then I went home and slept. At
about 5:30 or so, I went out to eat with Vitaly. And oh, it was the
saddest, funniest thing. For maybe 20 minutes, I was looking around the
entire restaurant wondering where the heck he was only to find that he
was right in front of me just behind the privacy walls  besides
the tables… for heaven’s sake. Anyways, we had a good time. At least
I did…haha!
    Umm…I was accepted for the 3 week church service
project down in West Palm Beach in July…and Gabe’s going. And in a
few words all I have to say is: DAMMIT! CURSES! and NO!!! (seriously.
this sucks) I mean, it’s not like he’s my ex (because we were never
together), but you talk about feeling awkward…ugh.
    On a happier note, Harry Potter is coming out in
less than 2 months and although I won’t be able to read it the day it
comes out, 😥 the day I return from Florida July 27, I will have that
book and read it as soon as it’s in my hands…thus, postponing any
necessary post-trip unpacking and laundry. It’s better to just admit
that I won’t do anything with the clothes for a day or two…lol. Then!
Finally! The one week trip to Florida again with the family in August.
Destin, Florida, again 🙂
     First day of my senior year will be when it
is. Probably the last week of August again, but right now, I can’t be
half bothered to care about it. Summer better not pass too soon.
If it does…then…

shucks. And I am saying that passionately and firmly.

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  1. lucky! i wish i was going to CA!! do they talk about refraction there??

  2. veronica. i lub u.<3 sad how we havent talked in a while. i jsut want u kno that ur awesome. miss seeing u grl. ur so sweet. but yes u will be a senior. wow. thats pretty insane. and me..well i will be a junior. haha. no more “underclassman” junk. yessssss. but yes. u will go far. i just kno..
    have an awesome time.<3

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