So. i guess i haven’t written anything about the trip to california, huh?

well, actually, i’m really too tired now to write about it still.

Simply put, though, San Francisco was and is most amazing. Extremely
entertaining and fun. I would live on Pier 39 if I could and join the
World’s Most Famous Bush Man.


Youth Service Church Project in West Palm Beach in 17 days.

I just finished 12 practice math questions for the ACT…still deciding
if I’m actually going to take it. I sure can’t wait to take the SAT
again! Yay! 

6 responses to “

  1. hey veronica!!!! so how did you get your amazing background n stuff/!

  2. Veronica, there’s nothing wrong with MTSU…
    And according to, the average score for each section of the SAT is 500. So, most schools will probably accept 600 and up.

  3. thanks ronnie!

  4. how come ur sis shut down her site?

  5. hahhahhahahaha i will never, ever forget the world famous bush man. hahhahahhahhahhaa!!!!! oh and did u ever get my message?? i want to put my pics on the bcc website but there is no folder for tour 05 yet!!! can you make one?? or like make me a manager for a while or something?char

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