It’s 5:12 in the morning and I’ve just gotten back from West Palm Beach. For those of you who don’t know, I’ve been in south Florida (West Palm Beach and Tampa Bay) for three weeks on a Bahai Youth Retreat…aka Project Badi. Mission: Reading circles. Working with elementary students on their reading skills and character development. Total youth participating: 40. 21 boys, 19 girls. Age range of youth: 15-25.

My take on the last 23 days: Freaking amazing.

-Next week: Mentoring at the annual Summer Music camp for elementary and middle school students at Vandy/Blair.
-Week after: Family vacation to Destin.
-Week after: home.
-Week after: Orientation at whatever effing school I end up at.
-Week after: School?
-Week after: TBI
-MONTHS ahead: Early decision at either Vandy or Rhodes.
SAT for the 2nd and hopefully last time in October.

December: Back to West Palm?


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  1. cool~ sounds like you had fun. reading circles? wats that?

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