so… the beach here in destin has been looking grey and ugly since friday, plus it’s been raining forever….however, TODAY it’s looking much better and sunny and everthing. The best part thus far, has been the beach at sunset…best time for walking/running because there’s a breeze and hardly anyone is on the beach because they’ve all gone in for dinner or something. I swear, it feels as if I was a completely different person this time last year when I was last here… probably because I was 30+  lbs heavier! haha! Well, anyways, I’m waiting on a couple of my shirts to finish washing so I can dry them and then I’ll be going down to la playa for a while!


P.S Vitaly, I finally finished Book 6…I’ve been busy so I have an excuse…but it was freaking sad and I hate J.K Rowling 


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