Monthly Archives: September 2005



ahh. mmm. ahhh. kay. so. my iPod is_____.

and I paid for it. first because it’s nearly atypical of a brentwood teen.

second because i’d feel silly if mi madre o mi padre had instead.

makes me so-so-so happy i could cry.


if you dislike my incomplete sentences. I say… something cleverer than the ellipse.


if you have songs you’re positive I don’t have already (and I only have 400 songs with a 5000 song capacity lol) let me know. ‘Twould be greatly appreciated 

        Hahahaha…okay, so, I haven’t written on this thing in over a month. Hate to admit that I kind of forgot about it. Guess I’ve defected to myspace like the rest of the world. Chya! Another point that proves I’m not very unique.  But wow, I like what’s been done with the new font/edit panel thing. Yeah, I don’t know the (technical) term for it. I don’t care, actually. I’ve come to realize I don’t care about a lot of things. Like whether or not this entry both entertains and effectively tells about what’s going on in my little world. (mmm…tetris…tetris…yesh..tetris.) It’s freaking senior year and I’ve only just formed a list of essay topics I can write about for college apps. And yes. I do think I’ll go ahead and just apply early decision at Vanderbilt Univ. Then regular decision, provided my (perhaps inevitable) rejection at Vandy, to Belmont, FU, Rhodes, or NYU….maybe.

       Ermm… pretty interesting first three weeks at MA. New guy (first guy) in life: Jesse (who happens to not go to MA but I’m including him in this paragraph anyways). I talk to him. We talk. ‘Tis interesting. Our Town will be performed October 13-15 with yours truly starring as Mrs. Myrtle Webb with Ben A. as my husband, Charles Webb… And guess who’s Stage Manager (the character of the play for you non-thespians)???


Wakka wakka wakka. I’ve new songs to upload on iTunes. I’m excited. The summer is still with me and I miss it. Dearly. Honors Government isn’t bad at all. Yes. I can finally drive my manual shift. Yes, that’s all. I’m at “work” now…that is my long term babysitting job…currently helping one of the kids with homework.

O mio.