Monthly Archives: November 2005

Mary Lee and I were not kidding when we decided back in September, at the lake fieldtrip, to go to a club together following our 18th birthdays.

Last night was insane.  Classic. Entertaining. Chris, Mary Lee, and myself shall be hanging out in the future.

Graham Central Station is quite a place. Quite.


Ha. Despite all that transpired, though, I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m not really cut out for the nightclub scene. I don’t like “grinding” with (random) horny guys and straining my eyes to see through the smoke & crowd of people. All sweaty, intoxicated, and drinking. The whole, “i’ll just grab this girl’s hand/arm and try and get her attention (and then number )” is pretty senseless, too. I don’t respond…besides just an “Oh, hey!” Before  walking off. Anti-social of me? Call it what you want. It was an interesting experience, but for the first and one time. I don’t see myself trying to do that too much (if at all) in the future on weekends. I prefer having at least 1 foot of personal space to breathe.  

…Chilling at people’s houses with friends, on the other hand….well, that’s been proven to be more fun. 

Thanksgiving Break in less than 3 days.


A brief recap of the last three weeks.

Our Town’s opening, matinee, and closing shows were fantastic and the cast party was just as super, thanks to my mom and a few other volunteer parents — and Mr. Whitaker, of course 🙂

I took the SAT  a second time (and I hope I don’t have to take it again). My writing ended up being 730, which is bizarre because my essay was only one page…

There are 36 days left until I find out whether Vanderbilt will accept me or not.

I am 18 and Harry Potter #4 is coming out on the 18th. Vitaly and myself and maybe others, are definitely going (we still need to purchase tickets) …

I finally have all of my HS credits in, and as of now, will graduate with 28 total, so that’s pretty nifty.

I’m really digging this chap named Brett. 🙂 haha.

The LOTR concert with the Nashville Symphony on Saturday was stupendous.

Oh, and my car is the shiz with its new speakers and system for my iPod.


Fall is the best time of the year. Always.