Mary Lee and I were not kidding when we decided back in September, at the lake fieldtrip, to go to a club together following our 18th birthdays.

Last night was insane.  Classic. Entertaining. Chris, Mary Lee, and myself shall be hanging out in the future.

Graham Central Station is quite a place. Quite.


Ha. Despite all that transpired, though, I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m not really cut out for the nightclub scene. I don’t like “grinding” with (random) horny guys and straining my eyes to see through the smoke & crowd of people. All sweaty, intoxicated, and drinking. The whole, “i’ll just grab this girl’s hand/arm and try and get her attention (and then number )” is pretty senseless, too. I don’t respond…besides just an “Oh, hey!” Before  walking off. Anti-social of me? Call it what you want. It was an interesting experience, but for the first and one time. I don’t see myself trying to do that too much (if at all) in the future on weekends. I prefer having at least 1 foot of personal space to breathe.  

…Chilling at people’s houses with friends, on the other hand….well, that’s been proven to be more fun. 

Thanksgiving Break in less than 3 days.


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  1. HEY!!! :DD
    yeah….that was about my consensus of my first night club experience in the states. it’s a little better in other countries. and i think there are nicer and more fun places in the states too, but not the one i went too…

  2. Hey V Hawks…
    Can’t believe I missed the game tonight…How was it..Congrats for the DATE!

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