Monthly Archives: December 2005



Hahahahaha.  Okay, so, I guess some people disliked my last entry or didn’t like how they didn’t understand it …And quite frankly, I don’t understand it myself. I just wrote it.  And it’s incoherent and probably rambling and simply just words all typed up on the screen. lol.

If anyone wants something useful to look at online, check out a site on “Notorious Confusables.” It’ll be worth it. Totally.

On another note, I’ve just about had it with my school and a good 3/4 of the people there. The drama, the stupidity, the nosiness, the constant craving for attention, flagrant behaviour, and teachers who obviously don’t care that we high schoolers are trying to not have 100% pathetic (social) lives outside of school and (in my sister’s case), HOLY basketball. Graduation is close, but just not soon enough. Let it come, let it come, let it come…and quickly as possible!!!


 I. Can’t. Wait.

I’ll carve out the middle

And replace it with a mess

Because we were just dreaming

It’ll be something left to confess

Afterall, there’s no beginning


Nor end 

It’s not wrong so you needn’t

Worry about having something

To defend. 

What images were seen

What colors did not appear

What particular tones

Did not enter your ears

A few inquiries

A couple conundrums

All matters little

But you beside


A relatively better time

Is possible.

Quiet and speak.

I’ll miss your silence.


I guess I’m sorry anyway.

Yeah, so. Thanksgiving food was amazing. Then the holiday overall was great.


Not really.

Not at all.


But now, I can delve into end-of-semester work including a lovely 15+ page term paper for Hon. Gov’t. The exhilaration! Who’d like to join me at the library as I work on it?


‘Kfine. Congratulations to Vitaly (he’s growing up so… well, he’s growing up, at least  haha) for getting accepted into David Lipscomb University and MTSU!! ‘Tis good news, good news indeed .  

Does anyone care about finding logical fallacies? I mean, honestly, does anyone? What in the hell.

Well, I must be getting back to this paper on Stephen Hawking’s book based film viewed in  Physics today. Whoo.