Monthly Archives: February 2006

First post in a some weeks. . .

A few things that have come to mind in the last couple months:

– If you’re jealous of someone, it’s even more moronic to be a pain in the arse for an extended period of time (without vindication). . . It comes across as obvious, anyway. Get over it.

– What does one expect to gain from being a nosy/irritating git in school? Does one anticipate ascertaining something scandalous or shocking? Why can’t the reason for one’s achievement (regardless of scale) simply be that they’ve worked hard? And further, why can’t that person be satisfied with their success without having to contend with irksome individuals who make random comments that only reveal their (insert negative feeling) towards that person for their achievement (regardless of scale) more?

STOP ASKING QUESTIONS.Why in the world do you care? For goodness sake. The time spent trying to figure out others’ business is a waste of time … especially if you end up not taking care of your own business first.

– Simply being a sweetheart in response, irregardless, is among the best responses. It’s even better than acting coolly or indifferent… this only gives the barracking person satisfaction of getting to you. I’ve had to learn this gradually over the last few years. Lol. It’s not so complex a concept, but it certainly helps. 


Enjoy your week, ladies and gentlemen.