Presenting: Madame Sui Generis

Hello and welcome to my blog. I, Madame Sui Generis, am the owner and primary contributor to this blog. I hope that you will enjoy your stay. What I hope and plan to accomplish as Madame Sui Generis, is to fill what I feel is a void in the rapidly growing world of blogs/vlogs and streamlined internet networking sites. It is a void where I don’t think there are many fashion, beauty, style, (and general life “gurus” or folks imparting their two cents) and the like who represent the women of color/mixed ethnicity audience. I’d like to share my two cents from a 20-something mixed African American/Caucasian female in the context of home life and life on a college campus and just in every day settings. I love fashion, makeup, beauty, and inspirational reads/experiences and feel that finally I have found my sense of appropriate and unique style and beauty — and generally my niche — that I’d like to share my experiences on a day-to-day basis. I know it’s all a bit of a rough idea, but any feedback and ideas you readers have would be fantastic and greatly appreciated. 🙂

Madame Sui Generis


One response to “Presenting: Madame Sui Generis

  1. Your Fave Ginger (or maybe not..)

    I just thought I’d be super classy and pop your blog cherry! I look forward to some good reads.

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