Monthly Archives: November 2006


I should be doing chemistry right now.

I dont really know how i feel about the situation. i met a guy in college and ended up spending a lot of time with him each week. then, one night, after plenty of previous conversation about relationships and whatnot, we’re “good friends.”

and then tonight i ascertain that he’s very excited about this weekend because he’s going to visit his ex girlfriend in north carolina. that’s quite alright. what im irked about is the fact that he didnt feel it necessary to tell me this some time before. i feel like whatever time was spent building something of a relationship was wasted, now. i am 90% sure that after this thanksgiving break he will be back together with her. to be honest, i guess i’m glad i’m thinking this through now rather than returning next week and him being like, “oh, by the way, i got back together with paige.” i shouldv’e seen this coming. if he didnt want to venture beyond friendship he shouldve told me and NOT kissed me.