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Totally Irrelevant

I’ve been trying to get my YouTube channel up and going for a few weeks now and have recently posted this:

I hope it makes someone chuckle. 30 seconds of silliness in front of the webcam is a nice breather from studying. 🙂

Real post to come, soon! 🙂


Madame Sui Generis


The Understated Beauty of Sobella Handbags

Hello! I know it has been quite a while since my last post. Things on campus have been hectic as of late with finals prep and now finals week is already here! It is amazing how quickly this semester has flown by.

A few days ago, I was browsing some favorite clothing and accessories websites including Gilt and BlueFly. For a few months, I have been in the market for a non-school bag (preferably) made of luxurious leather and with elegant simple metal hardware in either a satchel and tote style with both top handles and a shoulder strap.  I came across this fabulous Carlos Falchi metallic faux leather satchel (retailing for $385) that was priced at less than $200 (link for has expired so I am included the BlueFly link):

Carlos Falchi “Slim Poof” bronze snakeskin satchel

I was nearly sold, but then I found this bag on BlueFly (Retail value of $185) for less than $150 (including shipping!):

Sobella San Marco Tote

The bag is absolutely gorgeous. The Italian designer boasts high quality Italian leather, aesthetically pleasing designs and craftsmanship. The simplicity and clean curves of this bag’s shape drew my eye to it on the page of 50+ handbags on the BlueFly website. I immediately “Yes’d!” It aloud and clicked on it, hoping for a reasonable price. I was extremely pleased when I saw its price and the markdown.

So, naturally, I ordered the tote in the camel/brown leather color and for less than $10 standard shipping, it was extremely fast. I placed the order around 10 pm last Wednesday (Dec 9th) and received it December 11th on Friday afternoon. After dashing through 28 degree winter weather to the campus post office to pick it up before closing (and whilst finishing up 10-15 page final papers for classes!) I was elated to open this package and see the product I had purchased. It was a fantastic find and I know that it will be a versatile and valuable accessory for many years to come. Its simplicity lends itself to be useful in a number of occasions including casual dinners and luncheons–even days milling around campus when not encumbered with a stack of notebooks, laptop, and  textbooks.

These bags are not exceedingly expensive and are timeless in their designs. I hope to see an expansion in their upcoming collections!

I would love to hear what you all think of these bags and your personal styles when picking handbags to purchase.

If you’re still making it through finals week, hang in there! There is the light at the end of the tunnel (and a table of delicious holiday foods with family and friends!)


Madame Sui Generis

So Schick

You might think that today, November 6th, is just an ordinary day in the year since no U.S National Holiday is tagged to it, but who knew that so many interesting things happened today  — some within the last 10 years, some decades and decades ago?

As I scrolled through “On This Day in History” lists, I found this event:

1923 – Jacob Schick was granted a patent for the electric shaver.


Since this blog is of the beauty genre, I figured this particular historical event would be relevant for posting. One probably doesn’t think much about the origin of the globally recognized brand of hygiene products, but it’s definitely interesting to think that over 70 years ago, the world of personal hygiene care was being revolutionized. An electric shaver? I can’t imagine how exciting that must have been for the average Joe’s and Jill’s when Schick began developing its line of products.

To think, we ladies love the Schick Intuition Razor (I myself have been a satisfied customer since 2002) and it all started with a vision of Mr. Jacob Schick.

Jacob Schick

Three cheers for Jacob Schick, the man behind the first electric razor and the origins of the first razors for men and women.


In other news, TGIF! I  have so much school work to do and catch up on. Being ill with a bronchitis/flu combo is never easy, especially when it drags on for a good 5-7 weeks. Add to that, being around folks who have had the Swine Flu and it’s no wonder my immune system just gave up and went out to lunch. Thank goodness I’m on the tail end of this sickness marathon. I hope you are well and enjoying lovely weather as I am here in my neck of the woods. Fall weather is glorious. If you’re like me, chilly weather and autumnal colors invites curling up beside a bright open window or daylight lit area with a blanket and sweater with a good book and something delicious to snack on. Watch the leaves float around in bursts of wind. Observe sunlight dancing on the browning foliage and tree trunks. Nature is truly beautiful.

Vita pulchra est. Life is beautiful.

Tu es pulcher. You are beautiful.

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

Madame Sui Generis


I should be doing chemistry right now.

I dont really know how i feel about the situation. i met a guy in college and ended up spending a lot of time with him each week. then, one night, after plenty of previous conversation about relationships and whatnot, we’re “good friends.”

and then tonight i ascertain that he’s very excited about this weekend because he’s going to visit his ex girlfriend in north carolina. that’s quite alright. what im irked about is the fact that he didnt feel it necessary to tell me this some time before. i feel like whatever time was spent building something of a relationship was wasted, now. i am 90% sure that after this thanksgiving break he will be back together with her. to be honest, i guess i’m glad i’m thinking this through now rather than returning next week and him being like, “oh, by the way, i got back together with paige.” i shouldv’e seen this coming. if he didnt want to venture beyond friendship he shouldve told me and NOT kissed me.


. . .

Yeah. So, I was hit by a car that pulled right out in front of me on the way to school, today. It freaked me out because my sister was in the passenger seat. I’m OK, but the right front corner of my car is screwed. Thank you to the party of people besides my parents who stopped by and stayed with me and those who called. 

I’m not going to be doing much for the rest of the day, I don’t think. Minor PTS.



First post in a some weeks. . .

A few things that have come to mind in the last couple months:

– If you’re jealous of someone, it’s even more moronic to be a pain in the arse for an extended period of time (without vindication). . . It comes across as obvious, anyway. Get over it.

– What does one expect to gain from being a nosy/irritating git in school? Does one anticipate ascertaining something scandalous or shocking? Why can’t the reason for one’s achievement (regardless of scale) simply be that they’ve worked hard? And further, why can’t that person be satisfied with their success without having to contend with irksome individuals who make random comments that only reveal their (insert negative feeling) towards that person for their achievement (regardless of scale) more?

STOP ASKING QUESTIONS.Why in the world do you care? For goodness sake. The time spent trying to figure out others’ business is a waste of time … especially if you end up not taking care of your own business first.

– Simply being a sweetheart in response, irregardless, is among the best responses. It’s even better than acting coolly or indifferent… this only gives the barracking person satisfaction of getting to you. I’ve had to learn this gradually over the last few years. Lol. It’s not so complex a concept, but it certainly helps. 


Enjoy your week, ladies and gentlemen.